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Salamatsiz be! is an EdTech company focused on improving the educational sector in Qazaqstan through the use of IoT and blended learning technologies.

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Vision and Purpose believes that education and technology are key necessities for building a strong sustainable community (vision) and improving quality of life for all people (purpose).

To meet its vision and purpose in Qazaqstan, will address the following two UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. UN SDP Goal 4: Quality Education.
  2. UN SDP Goal 5: Gender Equality. will align these two goals with Kazakhstan's 2050 Strategy to help implement the country's long-term priority on education. The following projects will be implemented to meet these priorities:

  • Establish K-8 STEM centers, programs, training and workshops to help Qazaqstan develop an engineering education system.
  • Establish an IoT-based blended learning system to help Qazaqstan modernize teaching methods and improve social responsiblity in education.

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Sustainable Development Goal 4

Quality Education

IoT-based blended learning models will help teachers train students with skills pertainable to the future. According to the OECD, "Kazakhstan needs to develop an education system that provides skills that meet the needs of the students, the labour market, and the countries’ future development priorities". An IoT-based blended learning model can help Qazaqstan meet these needs and also ensure the quality, equity, and efficiency of education through monitoring systems via apps, databases and other IoT devices.'s role into improving the Quality of Education will focus on addressing the low English proficiency in Qazaqstan. At the same time, it will also help foster the use of STEM to help Qazaqstan meet its UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 requirements and education priorities.

UN SDG Goal 4: Quality Education
Sustainable Development Goal 5

Gender Equality

Qazaqstan placed 72nd out 153 nations overall in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings for 2020. To help Qazaqstan further improve gender equality, hopes to narrow the income gap by offering positions to Qazaqstani women at the same salary rates as men. will also offer sub-franchises to women across Qazaqstan to help promote quality education while helping the nation meet its UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 requirements.

UN SDG Goal 5: Gender Equality

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