Blended Learning

QAZED.tech was formed in February, 2020, with the aim to use IoT and blended learning technologies to help improve the educational sector in Qazaqstan. QAZED.techwas founded by educators with nearly 10 years total experience in Qazaqstan and Central Asia focusing on STEM and education.

What is the meaning of QAZED.tech?

QAZED.tech is short for Qazaqstan (Qaz) Educational Technlogy (Edtech).

In 2025, the spelling of Kazakhstan will officially change to Qazaqstan to reflect the new alphabet. We will use the spellings "Kazakhstan" and "Qazaqstan" interchangeably with this website. All business project names will use "Qazaqstan".

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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is when students interact with their school through online learning via software on their phone, desktop or at a learning center. The learning means include books (downloaded from a learning management system), multimedia (via learning management system) and interaction with a teacher either online or physically at the learning center.

The key elements of blended learning are the students' control over time, when to study, level of study, and pace of study. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why blended learning English schools are popular around the world now. With QAZED.tech's chosen blended learning franchise, students will spend 50% in the classroom with a teacher and 50% on multimedia systems.

This means big cost savings since QAZED.tech will not have to hire as many teachers as traditional "brick and mortar" English schools. Traditionally, ratio of teacher to students are at 1 teacher for every 30 students. At blended learning centers, the ration is 1 teacher for every 300 students.

QazNippon promotes blended learning in Qazaqstan
What is STEM?

Science, Technology,

Engineering, and Math

STEM is a curriculum based on promoting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines. STEM has become popular in curriculum development at schools around the world.

QAZED.tech plans to help promote future young engineers in Qazaqstan by partnering with a well known international STEM franchise and offer STEM programs to K-8 students. There will be an emphasis to promote STEM interest to young female students.

Sciece, Technology, Engineering and Math is STEM
What is IoT?

Internet of Things

IoT, in a nutshell, are any devices that are connected to the internet whether they are sensors, mobile phones, tablets, or wearables. With the connected devices, data and information can be shared and analyzed.

In education, IoT has become crucial to help students progress in their studies. Students have more flexibility to do their studies at home at their own pace. Teachers can keep an eye on their progress as well. Parents will also be able to keep track of their children's work.

QAZED.tech will use IoT to track students enrolled in its blended learning English programs.

Sciece, Technology, Engineering and Math is STEM