Innovating in Education
Blended Learning
IoT-Based is an Educational Technology company currently focusing on two projects to improve the educational sector in Qazaqstan. This includes establishing Qazaqstan's first Blended Learning English Center. It will be followed by integrating a STEM K-8 Project with the blended learning center and other institutions across Qazaqstan.

Project Start: Feb. 7, 2020.
Project Updated: Feb. 6, 2021.

Image of Japan with rising sun and Qazaqstan eagle
Blended Learning English Center

First Center in Almaty will establish the first blended learning center for Qazaqstan in Almaty. The master franchise chosen to enter the Qazaqstan market already has an international repution in providing quality blended learning courses in Europe and Asia. They currently offer blended learning programs in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe.

The teaching method of this program will focus on practical communication skills. Multimedia lessons and topic-based classes facilitated will by teachers who will help students overcome their language barriers. In addition, learning in small groups will create a comfortable, friendly and convenient communication environment that is efficient for accurate pronunciation practice and discussion of a variety of topics.

With this learning model, this blended learning center ensures that the tailor-made courses are not only tailored to each individuals’ needs and goals, but also provide results for each student.

QazNippon promotes the blended learning model in Qazaqstan QazNippon blended learning classroom
STEM K-8 Project

Molding Future Engineers will work with an international franchise to provide STEM courses to Qazaqstan. The aim is to integrate this program with the blended learning centers across Qazaqstan. will also work with local and international schools to help set up STEM after school and summer programs.

STEM and Robotics at QazNippon