Phases and Timeline
Blended Learning

Below is the projected timeline for to implement its projects.

Updated on: February 6, 2021.

This project is temporarily on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic until May 2021. At that point we will revisit this project. We have adjusted, and will continue to adjust, the timeline to reflect this.

QazNippon Timeline
Phase 1

February, 2020, - August, 2021

  1. Select first blended learning franchise for the Qazaqstan market and obtain NDA for master franchise.
  2. Identify vision & purpose for startup in Qazaqstan.
  3. Negotiate intial master franchise license fee for Qazaqstan.
  4. Seek local Qazaqstani partners and liaison within personal network.
  5. Revisit items 1-4 above in May, 2021.
  6. Sign partnership agreements.
  7. Develop initial business strategy.
  8. Develop and revise business plan (with support from master franchisers).
  9. Network with potential angel investors.
  10. Sign master franchise license for Qazaqstan region
  11. Seek potential property locations for centers in Qazaqstan (initially Almaty).
  12. Seek seed and/or venture capital from Qazaqstani investors.
  13. After investment sought, set up office in Almaty.
  14. Update and revise Phase 2 accordingly.
  15. Start Phase 2.

QazNippon Phases and Timeline
Phase 2

Sept., 2021, - May, 2022 - Tentative

  1. Register the as a Limited Liability Partership.
  2. Open 2-3 blended learning centers in Almaty and Nur-Sultan.
  3. Start networking with government authorities and schools to offer subfranchise to "Mom & Pop" English schools and private schools.
  4. Reach out to various NGOs to focus on addressing the vision and purpose of the company.
  5. Start reviewing potential K-8 STEM franchise for Qazaqstan.
  6. Update and revise Phase 3 accordingly.
  7. Start Phase 3.

QazNippon Phases and Timeline
Phase 3

May, 2022 - November, 2022 - Tentative

  1. Rollout additional centers in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Start opening centers in the larger cities across Qazaqstan.
  2. Continue to offer subfranchises across Qazaqstan to schools or interested entrepreneurs.
  3. Implement STEM K-8 Project.
  4. Re-evaluate vision and purpose of organization.
  5. Consider potential expansion to Baku (Azerbaijan), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), and/or Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

QazNippon Phases and Timeline